There is much to be said for mutual understanding and support at a time when the educational landscape is rapidly changing. Rapid change brings huge challenges but also enormous opportunities.

Ensuring the best from every child and building constructive relationships with every parent will always be time-consuming and not without occasional difficulty. To have experienced colleagues and a sympathetic ear close to hand is extremely reassuring, enabling us to meet all of the needs of our community.

Economies of scale savings are a wonderful help when budgets are tight and human resources are stretched. Cleaning contracts, catering arrangements, site management and much more can be managed centrally, releasing Headteachers and colleagues to focus on what is most important – the educational progress and personal development of our young people.

Human Resources, payroll, accounts and other specialist functions can also be resourced centrally, lifting the burden from individual schools whilst sharing the cost.

Up-to-date and reliable IT provision can be offered in a way that individual schools would find impossible.

The benefits of recourse to legal and financial advice are also significant, as is the help that can be received with branding and communications.