Our Future

We genuinely believe that there is always more we can do to make things better for our pupils and their families.  We are shaping up our Excellence Strategy which sets out a five year roadmap for the Trust's development.  We are on a journey of continuous improvement; always looking for the next way to enhance our practice.

We are also continuing to develop partnerships across the region; supporting our education partners and our Local Education Authority in our many shared needs and ambitions.  Our Two Rivers Institute is going from strength to strength; we put on a wide range of seminars, workshops, conferences and other network meetings which benefit our staff but which we also offer much more widely for the benefit of our local education community.  

Twynham Learning has recognised that there is advantage in growing the organisation slightly: to bring in new specialisms; to add colleagues into our peer networks; to join up educational journeys for children and to achieve more economy in the Core Services functions offered to all our schools.  However, we are much more focussed on being the best we can be and working collaboratively than about actively seeking growth for its own sake.  

We have established the Two Rivers Institute School Improvement Network to address the gap many schools are finding in the education system.  This network, which was launched in September 2021, brings together like-minded colleagues to provide collaborative School Improvement services across the Dorset and Hampshire area.

Twynham Learning works effectively with a large number of local schools and some may well wish to explore the possibility of becoming part of a MAT.  We are very happy to hear from any schools who want to explore what it would be like to be part of our family of schools.  For those schools / SATs / MATs further on in their deliberations, we have also established a four-week Familiarisation Programme to help the school’s Governing Body consider whether TL is the right place for them to find a home before embarking on more detailed due diligence.  Please feel free to get in touch by phone or email if you would like an informal discussion.