Here at Twynham Learning, we believe that teaching staff should be able to spend as much time as possible focussing on our pupils and their outcomes – doing what they entered the profession to do!

To enable that, Twynham Learning has a team in place to work across the Trust, supporting with School Improvement, Professional Development and delivering Operational services such as Finance, Estates, IT and HR.

Being part of a MAT means that you can have access to real expertise without having to have a full-time member of staff on your payroll. However, unlike some outsourced services, our experts are not remote and unfamiliar with you and your school; they are your local business partners who will work with you on preventative and reactive issues to give you the best advice and support you at difficult times. They will meet with you regularly to understand your needs, provide you with training, share regular information updates and keep you compliant.

Our central teams set Policy, determine what good Practice looks like and support our People to follow that through information, training and audit.  Access to central expertise (for those things when specialist input is required) is balanced so that schools still retain local control for the implementation of policy / practice so that they can make decisions with agility, taking into account their local situation.


Core services