Our Strategy

Twynham Learning is on a journey to Excellence.   Our organisational growth strategy at Twynham Learning is based around the notion of depth over breadth; asking ourselves the key question of “how can we deliver a better, inclusive, holistic provision for our community?”

In 2020 we have launched our Transforming Learning Communities Review which initiates a full appraisal of our current educational and operational provision.  The review will be carried out in partnership with all Trust schools, our central core services team, BCP Council and other external agencies, the wider school community and our Twynham Learning children and parents. We have high aspirations for the future of learning within our locality and within the Trust and look forward to engaging with partners to identify what this may look like!

This is very much a ‘grass roots’ review; drawing together colleagues across the Trust with the expertise, experience and engagement to self-evaluate and recommend next steps for improvement. The expected outcome of these workstreams will be to design key components of the future Excellence Strategy which will be the foundation for our improvement framework moving forward and be central to the developing identity of Twynham Learning schools and staff.

The TLC Review is expected to take 12 months, with most of the work being undertaken between Easter 2020 and Easter 2021; ending with a recommendation report and a five-year Trust Strategy.  Of course, there are many strands of activity already underway to drive improvements but this programme brings together our improvement plan in a comprehensive and integrated way. For us as an organisation, it’s a great opportunity to aim high for the benefit of our community.

Six workstreams have been identified to cover the breadth of our provision.  The workstreams have been designed to ensure that we have a clear picture of a child’s journey with Twynham Learning from nursery to sixth-form, supporting them whatever their needs.  There is also a three-part workstream looking at how we support, engage and develop our staff in order to demonstrate High Performance at all levels in the organisation

Each workstream has a lead from within the Trust’s Senior Leadership Team.  Representatives from all SLT groups and other networks have volunteered to participate in workstreams and they will draw together colleagues with the relevant expertise to work collaboratively on the evaluation and recommendation. 

TLC Workstreams