The goal of Twynham Learning is to grow to a grouping of approximately ten infant, junior and secondary schools that together offer a significantly enhanced educational experience to every child and family. The goal is also to provide a context in which colleagues flourish and progress.

A key aspect is the development of a mutual understanding of effective pedagogy, where teams of teachers are working together to share good practice and to learn from one another. The development of extremely high levels of expertise within a range of fields is seen as a vitally important aspect, and is something which can only be achieved by working closely together.

We also see that parents will increasingly engage with their child’s education in ways that are positive and fruitful. This will develop as the Trust grows and as we ourselves grow in confidence and expertise. The parents’ role in their child’s learning and development is often poorly understood and we seek to bridge that gap, building on the best practice from within our schools.

The provision of central services means that the Headteachers and individual member schools are freed from the day-to-day demands of Human Resources, advertising and publicity, as well as those demands of a financial or legal nature. This freedom enables Headteachers and schools to focus on what matters most – the students themselves, their academic progress and their personal development, ensuring that they develop into confident and articulate young men and women who are able to take their place in the world.