Coronavirus: Help and Support

We have put together this page for those families who need a little extra help and support at this difficult time, as well as those who might be looking to donate time or resources.

Should you be looking to make donations, The People’s Pantry and The Christchurch Foodbank are both local organisations currently doing an incredible job but are always on the look out for donations of food should you be able to spare it.

Our Design and Technology staff have been pleased to be able to contribute to making PPE for Bournemouth Hospital as part of a local school initiative. Should you be interested in contributing, please click here.

For those seeking help with a specific issue:

My problem Where to look for support or advice
I am self-isolating and need food delivered The BCP Council Helpline - 0300 123 7952
I need to contact the foodbank or arrange a delivery Please start with the BCP Council website.
I would like support with feeding my family, including Community Fridges, Pantries and Social Supermarkets, Cookery classes and Healthy Start Vouchers.

Please start with the BCP Council website here.

Community Fridges are not means tested. Pantries and social supermarkets may require a small membership fee. Free cookery classes are available over the summer holidays, as are BCP's children's centres.

I am self-isolating and need some medicine delivered BCP Council do not deliver medication via requests from their helpline (0300 1237952). However, the call handler will support any individual who needs medicine collecting – the information is collated and forwarded directly to the pharmacy to deal with.
I need advice regarding benefits, housing, consumer issues, employment, debt and money advice, family and relationships, legal matters and immigration

Citizen's Advice Bureau Website

BCP Advice Line: 03444 111 4444

Universal Credit Help to Claim Line: 0800 144 8444

I am concerned about a homeless person or I am worried that I may become homeless

Shelter Website

Shelter Helpline: 03445 151400

I have questions about housing, benefits, disability support and self-employment

SAMEE Website

SAMEE Helpline: 01202 424477 / 07967 452558

I feel lonely and just want to talk to someone

PramaLife Website

PramaLife Friendship Line: 01202 022987

I need some help with my mental health




Helpline: 01202 315329

Connection: This is a 24/7 phone helpline for people of all ages in Dorset who are experiencing mental health issues and need support - 0300 1235440

I know someone who is not online and want to help them get connected Please start with this document, kindly passed on to us by Christchurch Community Partnership


There is also a Local Community Action Page which is currently being built and added to. It features lots of sources of local help and support.

We would also like to draw attention to the Together We Can (TWC) Community Resilience Response. If BCP residents do not have support from family and friends, they can contact us to request help with accessing food, household supplies, social contact and any other support they may need. The helpline telephone number is 0300 123 7052 or they can request support via this online form. A British Sign Language service is also in place and appointments for translation service can be arranged as required. More information is available here.