Welcome to Twynham Learning . I'm delighted that you have chosen to find out more about our organisation.  Hopefully you will find that our website sets the scene for our organisation:  how we work and where we're headed. However, if you are interested in learning more about us or are thinking of working more closely with us, please do get in touch.

As a family of schools located on the Dorset coast, we have a firm commitment to working closely in partnership and working towards the shared goals that we have for our communities.  Through greater collaboration and creative, innovative thinking, we are growing into a Multi-Academy Trust which is progressive and forward-thinking, whilst consolidating on our current reputation for excellence.

Twynham Learning's core values are built upon three principles which underpin all of our actions:  Humility, Equality and Community.

Twynham Learning aspires to deliver the very best for our community.  In order for our children to be able to "take on the world and win", we need to ensure that every child receives a world-class education.  They are entitled to equality of opportunity and have the right to experiences which support them becoming confident, aspirational and resilient whilst grasping opportunities and succeeding.

Our concept around world-class education is built on some key fundamental principles:

  • That every child should achieve strong educational and academic outcomes to challenge thinking; equipping them with relevant knowledge and providing a strong foundation for being a lifelong learner.
  • Student voice is integrally linked to the development of each young person; the opportunity to develop leadership and team membership is crucial in the holistic development of each learner.
  • The curriculum should be rich in cultural capital, providing opportunity to develop talent across the breadth of the curriculum including science, technology and maths, the arts and humanities.
  • Every school should have a full and compelling provision for extra-curricular learning where additional opportunities to stretch the imagination, abilities and commitment of our students develops them into the outstanding people we believe them to be!

By ensuring that we continue to build on our shared values; developing and enacting ambitious plans to deliver the Twynham Learning Promise (investing in the future by recruiting the very best education professionals and continually investing in our learning environments), we will ensure that our duty to be the best we can for our young people is successful.


Gareth Morris, Chief Executive Officer

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